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Having a good backyard is essential to any home, especially if you have a wood fence and are looking for proper wood fence maintenance. A good backyard helps to define the space as longs as several simple steps are followed to maintain it as a healthy space.


Wood Fence Maintenance

The type of fence you use, as well as the condition of it, will say a lot about your backyard. Cedarwood is the most common type used in fences. A fence that is faded and falling apart ages the house. If you plan on selling soon, it will be a big deal or if you are having a get-together. The fence would be an essential part of the curb appeal that was included in the backyard.  Here are several steps that you can follow to maintain and improve your wood fence.

Maintaining The Color

Because the paint and stain begin to fade away. It is recommended that a semi-transparent or semi-solid stain be used on your fence. It is also recommended that your fence is maintained every 2-3 years. By being consistent, your fence will look good, and less work is required to update it. Instead of redoing the entire thing.

Like with interior and exterior paint, there are many types of stains to choose from. Sherwin Williams semi-transparent or semi-solid stains are good ones to pick. Benjamin Moore’s Arborcoat, semi-transparent, and semi-solid, is another excellent stain to use. With a semi-transparent stain, your fence will have a more natural look or more color with a semi-solid stain. Picking out an oil-based stain is best because of how well it penetrates the wood. The only downside is that oil-based stains don’t hold the color as well as an acrylic-based material. By picking out the right color and maintaining your fence, you can expect it to look great all the time.

Caring For A Wood Fence

By neglecting your fence, it becomes harder to fix later on. It may begin to lean over, or pieces may fall out because of rot. Planks may also fall off of loose nails. By keeping an eye out for pieces that fall off or for sections that are leaning, you can update them sooner. Mainly because it is one thing to nail a plank back into place in five minutes or less than it is to redo the entire fence because it wasn’t being maintained consistently.

Because wood fences get dirty as time goes on, it is a good idea to pressure wash it every year to remove all of the dirt and other gunk. If you don’t have a pressure washer, it is easy to rent one for several hours. Using a good chemical cleaner with water will get the job done. A deck cleaner will work well for this. If you are renting a pressure washer, you can ask the shop if they have any cleaner on hand. A good cleaning will clear away layers of dirt and debris. Taking care of your fence will make a significant impact on the overall look of your backyard and have it look amazing.

Getting Creative With Wood Fences

A great thing about fences is that you can be creative with them. A portion of the fence can be sectioned off to be and are for anything that you would like to have separated. By sectioning off areas, you are creating functionality while getting rid of eyesores.

An example of this would be creating a 12×12 space for a dog kennel. It would keep everything contained in one place without making guests look at it. Another great example would be using the fence to create a garden. While rabbits will still be a problem, the fence will help keep other animals out as well as keep everything organized.

Lotz of Logic

Since your fence is an excellent feature in your backyard, it represents your outdoor space and your home. Because of how essential staining is, picking an excellent stain will protect the wood from outside elements. And use the stain to make it look amazing and take pride in how beautiful your backyard is. Just like with a deck, it is essential to keep to a cleaning and maintenance schedule

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