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Does your laundry room have little or no storage? Do you need extra storage in the garage for tools? Are you looking up where to relocate old kitchen cabinets when remodeling? By answering yes to those questions, you have come to the right place.


Where To Relocate Old Kitchen Sinks When Remodeling

By saving the kitchen cabinets and relocating them to a room like your laundry room. You are creating more storage space as well as removing any small storage spaces that were there.  By reusing them, you don’t throw the cabinets out into a landfill.

Relocating old kitchen cabinets to the garage or a storage shed are other great options. Basements are another great space to relocate them as well. If you don’t need the extra space in the laundry room. By merely relocating your old kitchen cabinets you are saving yourself some money. As well as protecting them from ending up in a landfill.

Sinks and Granite Countertops

Of course, you can relocate more than just your cabinets. Repurposing sinks and granite countertops is a good option as well. Especially when you take the sink countertops and some base cabinets and place them all in the laundry room. Reusing them in the laundry room also allows you to get rid of the old fiberglass sink. And replace it with something a lot nicer.

Drawbacks to Reusing and Relocating

There are always drawbacks. Even to good ideas. You may have to pay a contractor to remove the old cabinets and counters carefully. So that they don’t become damaged. Or you will have to remove them yourself. Another drawback is moving them to the location. Especially if you aren’t ready to start using them. Then they will have to be carefully stored someplace until you are ready.

Lotz of Logic

People always love to recycle items. Like making new water bottles out of old ones. Or buying and selling through consignment shops. Don’t be afraid to reuse items from remodeling projects. Especially since the cabinets, sinks, and granite countertops can be relocated to new locations. Like the laundry room or garage. Keeping them in good condition makes them look great for longer. It will also save you from needing to buy more storage for other rooms in the house. It is also important to make sure that you have the right equipment to take care of any extra dust.

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