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Why would you need to prime your walls before painting? Because many things were on the walls before you purchased the house or they show up later. It is essential to know when to use primer – interior painting so that the walls can be adequately prepared, and the stains or other things won’t just show through the paint. 


When to Use Primer – Interior Painting

If you are looking to give the interior of your home a quick facelift. Then painting it is the easy way to go without doing a complete overhaul. It is essential to make sure that you are going to be getting the most value for the money that you’re going to spend on painting. And that means starting with a good primer. Because you want to make sure that the interior of your home is properly primed and ready to go before any paint touches the walls. 

But why should you prime your walls before painting and what type of primer should you use? There are many instances where you don’t need to use primer on interior walls. But there are still a few times and places where you absolutely should use a primer. While the consideration can seem rather daunting, there are plenty of available resources for you to check out and look at. Typically there are four main reasons why you should consider priming your walls before painting them. They are:

  • Removing Wallpaper
  • Bare Drywall
  • Lighter Color to Darker Color
  • Grease Stains

Priming Interior Walls

After removing wallpaper from your walls, it is important to make sure that you remove all of the wallpaper glue as well. Because if you don’t, then it will stay on the walls and the paint won’t go on smoothly. So make sure that you use an excellent paste remover to get rid of any leftover residue from the wallpaper. Gardz Clear Water-Based Interior Problem Surface Sealer is a great product to use on wallpaper glue because it has a low odor sealer that protects drywall, plaster as well as textured surfaces. It is also a fast dry and water-based formula, which makes it is easy to use and dries clear. When dry, it gives a water-resistant matte finish as well as offers a durable, paintable coating. 

Whether it is a new addition or just a patch in the wall, bare drywall always needs a coat of solid coat of primer on it. The same can be said about raw trim work, doors as well as any other areas that haven’t ever been painted before. An excellent bare wood primer is the best for this type of painting job, and it gives your painting job a professional look. For the drywall, a good primer will seal the paper and drywall mud since both are porous and will absorb paint at different rates. If you are working with a surface that has been stained with a varnish or polyurethane, then a solid coat of primer is highly recommended to coat it. A good bonding primer will help your paint adhere to the surface. 

When to Prime Walls

If you are planning on changing the wall color in your room from a dark to a light color. Or vise versa. Priming here is necessary to make sure that the coverage works. A quick tip to remember is to tint the primer close to the new paint color for the wall to get maximum coverage. Grey tinted primer works well for this and helps with paint application. By using a tinted primer at the beginning will make coving the darker or lighter colors better and can easily save you from having to do another coat later on.

When it comes to dealing with the walls in a room that has any water, grease, or food stains on the walls, it is necessary to prime the walls before painting. The best type of primer to use for these walls is a solvent-based primer. Doing a coat of primer beforehand is so that the stains don’t bleed through the paint later on. There are also specific primers to use in high humid areas of your home like the bathroom. Many of the primers are mold-resistant and will work great when you are updating your bathroom. 

Lotz of Logic

So when it comes to when to use primer – interior painting, it is important to remember that you have the correct tools and products for the job. A good 2 ½ inch angled brush is very versatile and can be washed and reused many times before the bristles wear down. By using the right supplies, your home improvement updates will go smoothly, and your paint job will look amazing. 

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on priming before painting, give me a call. My team and I would love to be of service to the Northwest Indiana communities such as Long Beach, Beverly Shores, Lake of the Four Seasons, Schererville, Kreitzburg, Michigan City, Grand Beach, and New Buffalo, and all of the Chicago area for 30+ years.

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