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When it comes to painting a room or the entire house, the job can seem relatively simple and basic, to some extent. But it doesn’t take much to have a bad paint job that can ruin a room. Today we are going over what is the right roller for painting to work with many diverse spaces and tasks. 


What is the Right Roller for Painting

If you have multiple painting projects to do, picking out the right paint roller can seem like a daunting task. Especially when the rollers come in different sizes and textures. Not to mention the rollers come in different colors as well. But the tools that you use in your home can certainly help you with various projects. Let’s look at the projects that paint rollers can help you with.

Best Interior Paint Rollers

When it comes to painting the ceiling, walls, doors, and trim, it is recommended that you use a lamb’s wool roller. The lambswool roller cover is the go-to classic cover. And it works well for painting because it is often made with 100% merino wool, which is naturally shed-resistant. It is also high-density wool, which holds an exceptional amount of paint for fast coverage and a smooth finish. And you can use it with all paints and enamels.

Though they are relatively new to the game, microfiber roller covers are a great option to use because they are a bit more cost-effective. They are great to use with latex and oil paints on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. Microfiber rollers are also recommended to use with all premium and low VOC paints. And the microfiber covers also hold up to three times the paint of your standard 9″ covers. 

Soft woven roller covers are a tightly woven fabric that delivers virtually lint-free performance when using latex and oil coatings. They also offer an exceptional cover for gloss, semi-gloss, and satin coatings. The extra-dense weave provides an extremely smooth finish to your walls and other surfaces. Soft woven roller covers are available in multiple sizes, and they fit all standard roller frames. 

How to Select the Best Roller for Your Painting Project

What is the right roller for painting? When it comes to sizing, paint rollers come in multiple sizes. They can range from four inches to twenty-four inches. The sizes and types of your rollers will depend on whether you are painting inside or outside. It also depends on what part of the house you are painting. You also want to make sure that you pick a size that fits the project you are working on, as well as what your hands and wrists can hold comfortably. If you are an inexperienced painter, you will want to play it safe and use a smaller roller. Doing that will help you make sure that you don’t make a mess or get paint in areas that you don’t want to paint. 

As you select the size roller, it is important to take a look at the area that you will be painting so that you can get the right fabric type. If you are going to paint the doors in your home, it is recommended that you use a microfiber or soft woven roller. But if you are going to be painting the outside of your home. Then it is recommended that you select a ¾-inch polyester roller, which is a very cost-effective choice. And for the interior of your home, it is recommended that you choose a 50/50 polyester with a lambswool blend roller. Whizz rollers are great for the smaller and harder to reach areas, which are usually 4-6 inches long and are about the width of a hot dog. 

Lotz of Logic

Like with any project, it is important to clean your paint roller cover when you are finished. All it takes is soap and water to clean the roller. And while painting can seem like a daunting task, a fresh coat of paint can update a room. Painting can even update the outside of a house and give it excellent curb appeal. By approaching a paint job with a full understanding and scope of the project, you can put a plan in place and do a successful paint job. Having the right roller frame and cover for the paint job you are doing will save you time and money. It can make things easier and gives you the finish that you expect.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on selecting the right roller for painting, give me a call. My team and I have been serving Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Oakbrook Terrace, Lombard, Carol Stream, Westmont, Willowbrook, Woodridge, and all of the Chicago area for 30+ years.

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