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Giving a great first impression is always important. That includes the curb appeal in front of your home, which is often neglected. This is why today, we are talking about updating your front porch for better curb appeal.


Updating Your Front Porch For Better Curb Appeal

New House Numbers – While they might seem random or insignificant, the address numbers on your home are the first thing that guests will see. Especially if they are a first-time guest and are looking for the number on the house.

Whether the builder threw on some generic-looking numbers or the design is cheesy, it is good to replace the numbers with a plaque or better quality numbers. Your family name can also be included, which adds a nice touch. Home Depot and Menards have some great options for numbers. Amazon carries some great designs as well. Just by making this small change makes a significant difference in the curb appeal.

Columns – Many porches have columns. If they are falling apart or are outdated, then they create an eyesore. By adding a fresh coat of stain or paint to the column to give it a fresh new look. When painting the columns doing the trim piece, base, or crown in a contrasting color helps to make the columns pop. Simply painting the columns goes a long way

Replacing the columns works as well. Many homes have columns with a colonial-style look to them. Cedar or similar woodwork great if you want a rustic and more natural look for your porch. PVC product or fiberglass is another excellent option for columns. They are great to use because they won’t rot or go bad too quickly.

Concrete Care and Pressure Washing

Power Wash – The concrete stoop area often gets overlooked in the updating process. But an easy fix is to pressure wash the stoop. With pressure washing, you can wash off years of grime and dirt and give the stoop a fresh, clean look.

Staining Concrete – Staining helps keep the concrete looking fresh and new as well. It is also a more permanent solution to keeping it clean and is very inexpensive.

Porcelain Tile – Porcelain tile works great on updating your entryway since it is durable, and it will hide cracks.

Planters, Flags, and Front Doors

Planters – Simply adding boxes or hanging planters to the front porch handrail system makes a difference. They add a significant natural element as well as encouraging life and positivity. Placing greenery and other plants around the porch draw out the colors of your house.

Flags – They add an element of charm to the curb and bring character to the house. Whether it is a pole in the yard or mounted to the house, having the American flag hanging is a must. But having a sports flag flying is a fun way to tell your neighbors a little bit about yourself.

Front Doors – Because many people enter their homes through their garages instead of the front door, they don’t always look at the front of the house. If your front door has a few nicks or repairs, then a simple touch up is all that is needed. Having a clean front door can add charm to your home and gives your guests something to admire when they ring the doorbell.

Lotz of Logic

By incorporating these simple tips regarding front porch curb appeal and checking for rotting wood, you will be the best looking home around your block. It is also important to check the roof and check the shingles to see if they need to be replaced and include them in the design. And by adding in these seven curb appeal ideas for your home’s exterior, then your front porch will look great.

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