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It may seem like a hard choice to pick from bamboo, ceramic tile, laminate, hardwoods, vinyl, cork, and carpeting for your flooring. But carpeting is a classic flooring that doesn’t go out of style, and it comes with plenty of benefits. Today we are discussing the benefits of having wall to wall carpeting.


The Benefits Of Having Wall To Wall Carpeting

When you have higher traffic spots, small children, dogs, and cats, carpeting might be the best choice. Some of the benefits of carpeting are:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Noise Absorbing
  • Comfy on the feet
  • Takes a Pounding
  • Terrific for youngsters

Cost-Effective and Noise Absorbing

When compared to other flooring options, carpeting is the least expensive option, especially if you are on a budget. From pricey carpeting to mid-grade carpeting, this classic flooring option is less costly to install than hardwood flooring or ceramic tile. It is also easier and quicker to put in. Carpeting also saves you money since excellent mid-grade carpeting lasts for a long time and won’t need to be replaced as often.

Acting as an acoustic barrier carpeting absorbs noise, which makes it great for pets and young kids. It also helps to reduce noise in large rooms with high ceilings so that it doesn’t sound louder from the reverb. Your family’s ears and your guests’ ears will appreciate the difference. Walking on carpeting is also quieter than on tile or wood floors.

Comfy On The Feet and Takes a Pounding

Carpeting is hard to beat if you want flooring that is soft on your feet. Especially after being on your feet a long time whether you are at work or in the kitchen. It is also warmer in the winter because the carpeting and the pad underneath it act as an insulator and keep the drafts from coming through the floor. Carpeting keeps your feet warmer as well and isn’t as shocking to walk on in the winter as wood or tile floors are.

Carpeting is also very durable and doesn’t show scratches or dents like hardwood floors, and bedroom doors do. As long as it is vacuumed regularly and steam cleaned at least once a year, your carpeting will last for a long time. When it comes to heavy foot traffic coming from pets and kids running around, darker colored carpeting hides the pet hairs, spills, dirt, and other stains. Carpeting also doesn’t fall apart as accessible from the traffic like hardwood or other flooring does and won’t need to be replaced or refinished as often. When carpeting does need to be replaced, it is a lot easier to do and can be another DIY project that you do around the house.

Terrific for Youngsters

Since kids will fall, take a tumble, or trip carpeting is an excellent flooring to have in your home. Especially since other floorings, like tile or concrete, aren’t as forgiving. If you have stairs in your home, it is a good idea to put a carpet runner down them. This way, people are less likely to slip on the wood and hurt themselves falling. It is also a creative way to use carpeting. Area rugs are a great accent, as well as functional pieces to include in your home. They work great to fill in space as well as cover tile or wood floors from furniture scratches as well as stopping people from slipping on the floor.

Lotz of Logic

Before you install carpeting in your home, make sure that it is a good mid-grade carpeting. Unless it is in your budget, purchasing expensive carpeting isn’t necessary. By picking carpeting that is middle of the road, you will receive the same benefits as expensive carpeting. Cheap carpeting loses a lot of the benefits of having wall to wall carpeting that was discussed above. It won’t be as durable, absorbent, or comfortable.

Picking out the pad to place underneath your carpeting is just as important, if not more important. Selecting a high-quality pad is essential because cheap pads will deteriorate faster and place more stress on the carpeting and make the carpeting fall apart quicker. When selecting your pads and carpeting, it is better to pick a cheaper carpet and a good quality pad then it is to choose a good carpet and a cheap pad. If the pad fails, then the carpeting will quickly follow.

Since carpeting is a great option to have taken the time to find affordable options and the right style to put in your home, you won’t regret this decision!

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