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Styles and trends of the kitchen sink. What are they? That question gets asked fairly often because people are always looking for the best sink for them. Because every family is different, they need to answer that question for themselves.


Styles and Trends Of The Kitchen Sink

When it comes to the kitchen sink, there are many different styles and trends. Here are several different styles and trends.

  • Under-mount Sinks or Apron Style Sinks. They use solid surface countertops such as quartz and granite. And most under-mount sinks are made with three types of materials.
  • Stainless Steel Sinks. These sinks currently are the most popular type of sink that is installed in homes.
  • Acrylic Sinks. These types of sinks are the second most popular type of sink that is installed.
  • Composite Sinks. Like Kohler’s Neoproc, is a combination of quartz, hardeners, and resin and are formed under extreme temperatures.
  • Hammered Copper Sinks aren’t as commonly found in homes as the other types.

One trend that is often found in homes is placing the sink in the kitchen island instead of underneath a window and along the wall. Whether it is placed under the window or in the sink it is important to have the sink coordinate with the edges of the countertop.

Kitchen Sink Depth And Number Of Bowls

When it comes to the depth of your sink, the deeper it is, the better. This gives you more room to leave extra dishes there if you can’t place them in the dishwasher or aren’t able to immediately clean them. While people occasionally prefer to have a single sink bowl, having two bowls is still the standard number for sinks. Corian sinks, along with Corian countertops are slowly becoming popular for use in kitchens. It is a little bit more pricey than the standard stainless steel sink, but it is durable and a great product.

Lotz Of Logic

For the last 30 years, there hasn’t been much of a change in kitchen sinks. And the quality of materials, price, and durability, are what drives customer selection for sinks. When it comes to selecting a new sink for your home keep in mind that every family is varied and generally there honestly is a kitchen sink for each sort of family.

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