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From a customer’s viewpoint, the exterior appearance of the building, windows, doors, as well as the sidewalks entering into your business gives a powerful first, and often lasting, impression. So if you are the owner or manager of a company or commercial business then you know that maintaining the outside of your commercial building matters as much as the inside does. 


Maintaining The Outside Of Your Commercial Building

Good or bad. What sort of impression do you really want to make with your business? The first step is to take a good look at the outside of the building. Is anything falling off? Are the light fixtures rusting? Are the windows clean and does the landscape look nice? These are all important questions to ask yourself. Because you will need to be proactive and stay on top of it all in order to leave a good impression with the people who enter or drive past your business.

If you are renting the space that your store is in then make sure that you speak with the property manager that you are renting from. Hiring an outside service is a good option as well. So whether you speak with the property manager, hire a service or do the work yourself in small sections. You can properly budget for any items that might need to be fixed now or in the future. 

Taking Care Of The Outside

If you live in an area that sees large swings in temperatures or seasonal changes it is important to take a look outside to evaluate the property. Make sure that you take walks around the building regularly. So that you can look at everything from a customer’s state of mind and not just that of the owner.  Take note of things that you noticed at other businesses and keep them in mind as you walk around the building. By doing this it will help you find things that either need to be freshened up or replaced. 

Whether it gets done weekly, monthly, or bi-annually there are some exterior items that need to be maintained and can be forgotten about.

Pressure Washing And Cleaning Windows

Pressure Wash the Exterior of Your Building – Just like with your home, it is important to pressure wash the exterior of your building. This is a great way to keep it clean and to keep the spider webs away from the doors. Birds also like to make nests in the name on the exterior of the building. So pressure washing helps to remove them. While some people might find the nests quaint, you will have to look out for bird poop. Pressure washing the sidewalks and walkways to and from the front door is part of maintaining the outside of your commercial building.

Clean The Windows -It is highly recommended that you have a window washing company come out and wash the windows weekly. While you could have your staff do this job. It is a lot easier and inexpensive to hire a company to come and take care of it. And by using a company the windows can be cleaned without having to think or worry about it. 

Doors, Lights, And Exterior Paint

Doors & Door Handles – As part of making a good first impression it is important to make sure that the doors coming in and out of your building are in good shape. And you can either stain or paint them regularly. Because people touch their hands-on doors quite often they become worn down with time and use. Though if the doors look terrible it is important to know that you can change them out and install new doors. 

Lights – Just like with windows, exterior lights are another item that needs to be regularly cleaned. This is because bugs are attracted to the light and night and make nests and webs next to and around them. Dead bugs are also drawn in as well, which can make a mess and hide the light. So make sure that the exterior lights are rust free and are in a current style. And make sure that you change the light bulbs regularly.

Exterior Paint & Caulk – This step that needs to be addressed every couple of years, especially after every major storm or if you notice an internal water leak. Internal water leaks can be caused when caulk fails and dries out. Early spring is a good time to check for ice and snow damage. And early fall is good for after the leaves have fallen due to storms and wind. 

Lotz of Logic

By checking for water buildup or marks, cleaning gutters and clearing away any leaves and debris helps you to know what condition your building is in. Especially as you slowly start to change seasons. Making sure that you stay on top of taking care of maintaining the outside of your commercial building. We will help you in the future. Especially because it will make a difference to your patrons. As well as get you into the habit of having a continued dedication to your business and livelihood as well as the property. And by hiring someone to help you then you won’t be managed by your maintenance costs. Don’t forget to take a look at the interior as well. Because taking care of the interior is just as important as the exterior.

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on maintaining the outside of your commercial building, give me a call. My team and I have been serving Downers Grove, Elmhurst, Oakbrook Terrace, Lombard, Carol Stream, Westmont, Willowbrook, Woodridge, and all of the Chicago area for 30+ years.

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