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Why do some homes peel? Is sanding your house before painting necessary?  You will find many reasons, but one of them is not getting the exterior of your house ready adequately before painting it. Find out what is probably the most important measure about sanding your residence prior to painting. 


Is Sanding Your House Before Painting Necessary?

There are quite a few painters who take short-cuts when pressure washing, caulking and scraping and sanding your house prior to painting it. When you are hiring a painter to come to do your home you want to ensure that you get a detailed contract. This is so that you know what the painter will be doing and so that you know everything will be done correctly. Whether you or a professional will be painting your house there are several steps that need to be followed. 

1: Properly clean the entire house with a pressure washer.

2: Remove any loose and flaking paint.

3: Sand the remaining edges down. A palm sander or a hand sander will get the job done.

4: Follow up with a good primer and paint.

Pressure Washing Your House 

Just like people and animals need them, houses also need ‘baths’ to clean them. This is what the pressure washer does. It gets rid of all of the mold and grime that has collected on the siding of your house. So it is important that you wash your house before doing anything else. If you don’t then nothing will stick and it will just come off sooner than expected.

Removing Flaking Paint and Sanding Edges Down

Just like with pressure washing your house it is important to remove any paint that is loose and flaking. By doing this you are also making sure that anything that didn’t come off with the pressure washer. This helps make sure that the new paint will go on smoothly and won’t look bumpy and uneven. A good tool to use for this is a Prudy 5-in-1 and it gets the job done right.

Older homes tend to have a thicker coat of paint around the edges. So it is important to sand down the edges so that all of the old paint is removed. A palm sander or feather sanding them by hand does the job. 

Good Quality Primer & Paint

Once you have pressure washed your house and removed all of the flaking paint and sanded the edges down it is good to follow all of that up with good quality paint and primer. Since painters often just paint over the old paint, the new paint starts peeling sooner. By painting over a clean smooth surface the primer and paint will stick to it better and will last longer. So always clean and prep your house before you or a professional begins to paint it. 

Lotz of Logic

After you have finished pressure washing, scraping and sanding your house make sure that you have done every part of it before you begin painting. This will help you figure out what might still need to be done or if everything is removed. Your preparation is one of the most important steps so it is always good to do it properly. This will make the new paint or stain last you for many years. So to answer the question is sanding your house before painting necessary. Yes, it is. Otherwise, your home will start peeling sooner.

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