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When it comes to staining or painting the exterior of your home there are many steps that you have to follow. It may seem like a lot to ensure that you are using the ideal tools, picking out the best colors, and making sure the surface is cleaned and all of the nail holes filled appropriately. Today we are going over some easy instructions and tips for painting an exterior of a house.


Instructions and Tips for Painting an Exterior of a Home

When it comes to the exterior of their home many homeowners get confused on whether they should paint or stain it. But when it comes to the exterior there are a few easy ways to tell. If it needs to be painted or stained. But your home has aluminum or vinyl siding then it can be painted. If it has any type of wood siding then stain is the best option. The following steps are excellent instructions and tips for painting an exterior of a house.

Wood Siding 

When it comes to wood siding it is better to stain it then it is to paint. This is because the stain will penetrate the wood where paint will just sit on the surface. Painting wood siding, especially if it is cedar, is bad news. It is better to go with a good stain on wood siding. But it is important to remember that some of the higher end stains will also come off the siding as they dry and tighten over time. This is because the paint will peel from poor application as well as from the product working too well.  So when you are selecting a stain it is better to pick out an acrylic stain.

Before you apply any stain it is important to properly prep. This is because homes often have a painted cedar siding that is rough-sawn that is beginning to peel. Sanding, pressure washing, and scraping the old loose paint off works well. Once all of the old paint is removed you can apply as many new coats as you want. Though it has to be redone every few years a semi-transparent stain is a look that many people like on their homes. Because of that people are switching to a solid body stain instead.

If the siding on your home is a smooth cedar then a nice oil based primer and several coats of paint will work well. A stain could work on this type of siding, but primer and painter are a better recommendation to use. Although many homes are now using a pre-stained wood siding some homes still have raw wood siding. If that is the case for your home then it is good to start off with an oil-based primer. But you will need to cut it with a product called penetrol, which will help the stain penetrate the wood better.

Aluminum and Vinyl Siding 

When it comes to aluminum and vinyl siding painting it is the best option. Especially since using a primer isn’t necessary for these types of surfaces. The biggest and most important thing that you have to do with this type of siding is make sure that it is clean. Especially since you don’t want mold, mildew, or dirt on the siding before you begin painting it. This is because the paint won’t stick to the siding if anything like that is there. An easy way to clean the exterior of your home is to use a pressure washer. it is easy to use and can get the job done quickly. When looking for the instructions and tips of painting an exterior of a home. Always remember to follow the directions on how to use a pressure washer.

Using a Spray Application

Using a spray application isn’t recommended for applying stain or paint to your home. While it isn’t wrong to use a spray application. It can just be very hard to use. If you do use a spray application it is best to use it on a nice day with little to no wind.  Because any wind or a slight twitch of your hand could send the paint onto your neighbor’s house or car instead. Or even onto your own car. But if you decide to use a spray application make sure that you use a brush to work everything into the surface.

Lotz of Logic

When applying a stain to wood siding it is best to use an applicator that has a thick nap roller on it. A good recommendation is a three-quarter inch polyester or a one-inch polyester with a seven inch handle. This is because lap siding is about six and a half inches. Before you begin staining make sure that you fill in all of the nail holes with caulk or excessive stain. When it comes to selecting the color it is better to go with a lighter color. Just like with selecting roof shingles, picking a darker paint color will bring in more heat and the light will wear the paint or stain down faster. Lighter colors attract less sun and the colors will stay brighter for longer.

So when you are deciding on whether or not to paint or stain your home it all depends on what type of siding you have. Once you have figured that out it is important to know that you have the right tools to use. Even with the instructions and tips for painting an exterior of a house if you aren’t comfortable with doing the work yourself call a professional to come out. The same goes for your commercial building and keeping it clean and painted.

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