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Large amounts of moisture in the bathroom are one of the biggest problems that the majority of homeowners find inside their bathroom. It is essential to realize what is causing it and also how to lessen the amount of moisture around the bathroom. Today we are talking about how to remove moisture from your bathroom.


How to Remove Moisture From Your Bathroom

The moisture problem might not be coming from the showerhead or tub spout. By locating where the issue is, then you can start removing the amount of moisture in the bathroom. If you keep covering up the problem then it will cause more trouble in the future like wood rot or mold and mildew. So by getting ahead of the problem and fixing it at the source. You are going to save yourself numerous headaches later on. Before you go looking for moisture problems in your bathroom. It is essential to know what they are so that you can go and adequately fix them.

  1. You have a worn-out exhaust fan.
  2. The bathroom isn’t vented correctly.
  3. It is poorly insulated.

Exhaust Fan Replacement

The exhaust fan is an essential step in getting all of the excess moisture out of your bathroom. But there is a chance that the fan is old and worn out or the wrong size. So it’s not doing the job right. It is essential to have a new exhaust fan and the right size for your space. So that it can adequately work to remove moisture from your bathroom.

An easy trick to tell if the exhaust fan isn’t working correctly is to look at the windows and mirrors to see how much condensation is collecting there. The amount of condensation should tell you if the fan is working correctly or not. Because too much condensation means that mildew and mold are starting to form. So it is better to be safe and shell out a few hundred dollars for a contractor to come and take care of the exhaust fan for you. Don’t be cheap and get a small or weak one. Get one that fits the space and will work properly for a long time. Primarily if you use your bathroom daily and if you have a family that uses the fan multiple times a day.

Properly Ventilate the Bathroom & Poor Insulation

Inadequate ventilation in the bathroom is another problem that causes excessive moisture in your bathroom. If the bathroom has proper ventilation than the hot moist air will rise straight out of the bathroom. But if it has lousy ventilation than it will stay in the room and not go anywhere. If your house was never adequately ventilated when it was built, get a contractor to come out to your home to check the ventilation. Also, have the contractor check the attic to make sure that all of the vents are working correctly and that nothing is plugged.

Insulation issues in your home can cause mold and mildew to grow where the ceiling and the wall meet. Since this typically occurs on an outside wall, make sure that you put your hand on the outer wall during the winter months to check the insulation. Make sure that you compare the temperature to the wall next to it. If the outside wall is colder than there is inadequate insulation in the wall. But if the walls are the same temperature than it is properly insulated. Because of the temperature difference, the cold weather can cause mold and mildew to grow. But the problem can be fixed by having the cavity filled with polyurethane foam. Or better yet, have a contractor come in and fix it for you.

Lotz of Logic

Knowing how to remove moisture from your bathroom is essential. So it is necessary to stay on top of having a working exhaust fan, proper insulation, and ventilation in your bathroom because it can be a very relaxing place after work. And if you are getting something fixed or replaced, make sure you plan it so that the contractor checks all three items on the list. This way, you only have to do it once and won’t have to worry about something happening down the road. And you will be able to save yourself many headaches in the future. 

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