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Is your garage a lot like many others? With a lot of cluttered, many boxes and containers piled up, and you simply cannot locate anything? If that is the case then it is time to look at how to have a nice garage | garage improvement ideas.


How To Have A Nice Garage | Garage Improvement Ideas

Most garages are designed for the bare minimum and that includes being cold in the winter months and having barely any kind of light. Now is a good time to place your garage area on the list regarding house improvement. There are many different types of great solutions to improve your garage and enable it to be far more functional in your home. Some great ways to improve your garage are:

  • Remodeling The Walls
  • Adding Lighting in The Garage
  • The Garage Attic & Floor
  • Reusing Old Kitchen Cabinets
  • Garage Heaters

Remodeling The Walls

Many garages were built in the 1990s-2000s and were built with materials that were considered to be “just enough.” If you looked at the walls of your garage you would most likely find that they have basic drywall tape or the builder special of fire code tape. Although it is minimal, this look isn’t the nicest style and most people don’t like it. The garage is a great place to have the professionals come and redo the walls for you and your family. A professional drywaller will be able to finish off the walls smoothly and seamlessly. Once the walls are done it is a good idea to have it painted and cheap trim work added around the baseboard area. The trim work will help to keep out the bugs, mice, and ants that are looking to create homes.

Adding Lighting In The Garage

Many garages come with the one to two basic “Builder special” ceramic light fixtures. Since they barely give any light to look for anything, it is important to have proper lighting. LED lights or solar tube lights work great in a space like this since they give off plenty of light for you to see with. While they will be more expensive it will be worth it to have them installed. Especially since they last forever and will be cost-effective in the long run with the energy that they will save.

The Garage Attic & Floor

When it comes to the attic over your garage it is important to make it accessible as well as comfortable to work and store things in. Since attics are another place that has the “builder special” for light fixtures this is another great place to add more lighting too. Because the wiring is already there it is very easy to change out the light fixtures. Another investment to add to your attic is good stairs, especially since most attics come with flimsy pull-down ones. Replacing the flimsy stairs with heavy-rated ones that can hold up to 300 pounds (when carrying items). This is so that you can safely bring any large items up and down from the attic.

The garage floor is another space that is often overlooked when doing home improvements. A simple fix to brighten up your garage floors is DIY-ing with a simple water-based epoxy or polyurethane. But the best results come when you hire a professional to do the floors. While it is easy and cheaper to run to the store and buy the products yourself, the professionals will have better products and materials to do it with. 

Reusing Old Kitchen Cabinets

When redoing their kitchen people sometimes forget that they can reuse their old kitchen cabinets in other parts of the house. The garage is one of those places. Especially since it saves you money and adds storage space to your garage. Because of how easy and simple it is to place the old cabinets in the garage, this stage will feel the most complete and satisfying because they are free. Even if you aren’t planning on remodeling your kitchen anytime soon you have plenty of neighbors that may be remodeling their kitchen and getting rid of old cabinets. Placing them in your garage is a great way to reuse them and give them a new life.

Garage Heaters

Depending on what part of the country you live in a heater is a great component to have. With a heater, it is better to hire a professional to install a good commercial grade heater. It is something that you won’t regret if you are in your garage watching the game. Because you won’t have to worry about freezing before seeing who wins. A heater also allows you to spend time in the garage with family and friends without worrying about the temperature.

Lotz of Logic

Because the garage is part of your home it is recommended that it be placed on your home improvement list. Especially when it comes to heating and lighting. By updating your garage with new lights, adding a heater and installing cabinets for storage gives the space a new life. The floor coating and painting the walls give your garage a finished look which is great if you are hosting a party outside and need a place to set up food and drink as well as space to eat. By following these simple steps on how to have a nice garage | garage improvement ideas you can create a great space to hang out.

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