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Want to get a hold of the list of the most beneficial interior paint roller covers to make the most use of when you are doing interior painting projects? Let’s go over the list of what are, without a doubt, the very best interior paint roller covers to use when it comes to doing different kinds of jobs. As a bonus, Mark even gives you tips on how to choose the right paint rollers – Palos Park.


How to Choose the Right Paint Rollers – Palos Park

What is the best paint roller to use? If you are unsure of what paint roller to use, start by going to a local paint store. There they will have a list with the best interior paint rollers for you to take advantage of. That way, you have a better understanding of what rollers to use for interior painting projects. Especially when the rollers are available in a variety of sizes, appearances and can also be found in several colors.

Best Paint Rollers for Interior Walls

Let’s start by running down the list of what are considered to be the very best interior paint rollers to use in the interior of your home. When it comes to roller covers, what are the options to pick from? The three options to choose from are:

Lamb’s wool roller –– This roller cover is a go-to classic. 

Soft woven roller –– These types of roller covers are shed resistant, and they work fantastic. 

Microfiber roller –– They’re a relatively new option to the game and are a bit more cost-effective.

What Paint Roller Do I Choose?

Before you pick out which paint roller, you are going to use and before you start painting. You have to decide on what areas you want to paint. Because different areas in your home require different types of paint roller covers, so it is important to figure that out before you get started. To help you figure out what is the right roller to use for different areas in your home. Here are some areas with the right roller to use for that space.

Ceiling & Walls – lamb’s wool rollers work great for these areas since it is made out of 100% merino wool. Because it is high-density wool, it holds an exceptional amount of paint, which works for fast coverage and a smooth end finish. You can also use it with all paints and enamels.

Doors & Trim – a soft woven roller work for these areas in your home. With the soft woven rollers, you are a tightly woven fabric roller that gives you a virtually lint-free performance when using latex or oil coatings. And the extra-dense weave of the fabric provides the walls and other surfaces with an extremely smooth finish. 

Hard-to-Reach Spots – Whizz rollers. These small rollers are close in size to a hotdog and are great for reaching behind toilets or behind appliances. Additionally, this is a great option to work within the event that you cannot deal with the weight of a bigger roller.

No matter which roller you choose to work with, you need to keep in mind that they come in a variety of sizes. The rollers can range from 4 ″– 24 ″. So you want to opt for a size that suits the job you are going to carry out as well as what your wrist and hands can handle.

Lotz of Logic

By properly planning, you can prepare for any house remodeling jobs go as smoothly as possible. When you approach a painting job, you need to recognize the full scope of the project that you are undertaking. It is also important to see to it that you have a strategy in place so that you are up for an effective paint job. Since you want to save cash, make sure that you have the best rollers for all of the different surfaces that you will be painting. This is why it is important to know how to choose the right paint rollers – Palos Park.

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