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Many people don’t ever look at the color of the roof of their home. People often focus on house siding, wooden posts, trim, gutters, and downspouts. Today we are talking about how to choose roof shingle colors for your home.



How To Choose Roof Shingle Colors

When it comes to your home you want it to look great. Whether it is simply by updating the porch or adding in great curb appeal. However, the roof is often overlooked during these updates. Since the roof is anywhere from 1/2 to 1/3 the total of what is seen on many residences picking the right roof shingle color is important. It is important to take the color of the roof shingles into consideration when updating the rest of your home. Having good stability between all of the colors will bring all of your curb appeal together.

The Importance Of Color

Colors and how they work is something that we all learned in school. Especially how light and dark colors work with heat. This is important to remember when working with roof shingles. Since light colors will keep the house cooler while darker colors will keep the house warmer. It is very similar to what clothing people wear on hot summer days. Where dark colors keep us warmer and light colors keep us cooler. On a house, dark-colored shingles will keep the heating bill higher and light colors keep it cooler and save you money on heating and cooling.

While black, dark grey, dark brown and dark green are the common colors seen on houses, there are lighter options for shingles. Besides the traditional white and light brown colors, light-colored shingles also come in tan or reddish-orange colors. These colors work great if you are wanting to install a “cool roof” on your home. If your home isn’t ready for new shingles, which should be done every twenty years or so, then adding large trees to your yard will help provide shade if your roof has darker colored shingles. The same goes for when you are planning on staining or painting the siding of your home.

Coordinating Roof Colors With The House

As homeowners, we often forget to look at the roofs of our own homes. By looking at our neighbors’ houses and then our own we can see that the roof might not always match the rest of the house. This is why it is important to take your roof into consideration when designing the rest of your house. Especially since the roof is 1/3 of what is seen of the house. Make sure that you use that to your advantage when selecting the color of your shingles.

If your home has red brick as part of the exterior then selecting a shingle that matches it will make your home look classy and ageless. Neutral colors are a safe option to work with while still staying stylish. While you may not pay attention to the shingles it is still important to let them influence the rest of your curb appeal. Especially since friends and visitors may notice your roof before you do. By having a nice roof that compliments your home then your curb appeal is closer to being amazing.

Lotz of Logic

When selecting a color for your roof try to pick a color that represents your personality while still relating to others and will stay in style. This will make it easier in the event of needing to move for a job transfer, downsizing or when you are ready for a new season. No one wants to stay in a home simply because their style is unique to them. Go for a look that adds value to your home. As a last reminder check with your homeowners’ association, if you have one, to find out what colors you are allowed to pick before purchasing new shingles.

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