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Remodeling your home with the right contractor is the key to keeping the renovation stress-free. It’s super important to hire the right company that will not only create something beautiful but also makes it hassle-free during the process. We hope you consider Lotz for your home remodeling contractors in Inverness IL.


Home Remodeling Contractors in Inverness IL

Mark Lotz was taught by his father when Mark was just 13 years old. Mark grew up in the business and now has been running his remodeling and painting company for the past 30+ years. We’d be proud to help create something beautiful in your Inverness home. And Mark Lotz has the Inverness IL area for over 30 years. We offer all home improvement services from kitchen & bathroom remodeling, deck staining, interior painting, exterior staining, power washing, and wood siding rotten board replacement.

Let’s start as soon as possible and help make your home or office space incredible.

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Home Remodeling Ideas and Designs in Inverness IL

After understanding your goals and design ideas, we put you in the focus of the whole job. We make sure along the way you are happy and feeling good about the current state and outcomes. Check out the many services that we offer:




Inverness IL Best Home Renovation Contractors Near Me


Inverness IL map of the area that Mark Lotz serves.

Mark loves to work with homeowners to not only get their wishes and wants to be achieved. But Mark likes to solve problems in their home as well. Let’s get your home back to maximum productivity. After all, nowadays, people spend a ton of time in their homes.

I’d suggest only hiring a company that has online reviews on many social media platforms. Please check out our 180+ videos on YouTube and tons of online photos of finished work.

We consider Mark Lotz and Lotz Home & Office an ‘old-school’ type of remodeling company. That doesn’t mean we are a ‘chuck-in-a-truck’ type of bozo company. But what we value each homeowner as a long-term friend and customer for life. Mark’s family name is on every job, and he appreciates the fact that he wants to do a fantastic job for you. Allow us to help you achieve your goals. Give us a call today for a consultation and let’s get moving on changing up your home!

Upgrade your home. Upgrade your life.™

Go check out our areas served page where you can find your city too. We are motivated to be doing work with you soon and being your home remodeling contractors in Inverness IL.