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If you are lucky to have a basement in your home, then you will be looking to expand and use the space. However, it is undoubtedly much better to be able to get a lot of use out of it. There are genuinely a lot of things you can do with finishing your basement, and many of them happen to be very inexpensive


Finishing Your Basement

When it comes to completing your basement, it all depends upon the wants and needs of your family. And also what you want the basement to be used for. If you have kids or grandkids, then the basement is a great space for them to go and hangout. It is a great space to keep toys for the kids as well as putting a small couch and a TV down there as well. The basement is also a great space to put an extra bedroom for elderly parents or college students. And if you are an empty nester, then the basement is an excellent space for you to start enjoying by putting in a wine room or an area to play games like poker. No matter what you decide to do, there are a great many ways to transform the space in your basement.

If your basement tends to have water come through the walls occasionally or it floods every 5-7 years. Then you know the hassle of tearing up any existing flooring or carpeting. Take the time to research the many benefits of having a polyaspartic flooring put down in the basement. This flooring is durable that is also super hard and is also installed in garages. Don’t be fooled because this type of flooring looks a lot nicer than you think since they can be stamped to look like porcelain tile. But putting a polyaspartic floor down can be pricey.

Though in the long run, it is worth the extra money because you won’t have to worry when the basement leaks or the next time it floods.

How to Transform Your Unfinished Basement

A lot of times, people leave their basements unfinished and a little rough looking and don’t mind the walls getting a little trashed with things like paint or crayons. But if you are thinking of giving the space a fresh look, then you will want the walls to stay as clean and nice-looking as possible. Of course, one of the first things that people think of when they go to update their basement is an extra bedroom. If you don’t need a spare bedroom right away, then the spare room in the basement can work as an office. More often than not, people use an extra bedroom if they have a child in college who isn’t ready to leave home after graduating and wants some privacy and a space to call their own.

And if your older parents are going to be living with you, than the basement is a great space to incorporate an extra bedroom. As well as a bathroom and possibly a kitchenette as well. But the way that you remodel your basement is entirely up to you and what part of the ‘circle of life’ you are in.

Basements don’t just have to be for the extra bedroom. You can have your basement remodeled in a sophisticated way for a wine cellar or an entertainment room. Installing wine racks, new flooring, and a kitchenette make the space perfect for hosting a wine tasting or just having friends over for an evening of fun. And the kitchenette comes in handy because you can use it to warm up hors d’oeuvre. You can also purchase a nice TV and a leather couch to create a space for hosting football watching parties. 

Best Unfinished Basement Makeover Ideas

Quite often finished basements have drop ceilings installed in them. If you don’t like the way that the drop ceiling looks than you can consider getting a more industrial look downstairs. You can start by having a local contractor spray the floor, joists a dark color to create a dark void. Once the ceiling is painted, you can then install LED lights or track lighting. The lights will help with the much needed extra lighting in the basement. And it will give the basement a finished look that you didn’t expect.

When it comes to the basement walls, there are two ways that they can be done. The first is to paint the concrete walls to make the basement a workable space. Having painted cement walls isn’t something to be ashamed of. If you want the same finished look that you have upstairs, then you will need to have a carpenter come and frame out the basement and install drywall. Once it’s installed, then the drywall will need to be taped and painted. But this will be the best route to go. Because if you are framing out your basement, then you can have an electrician come and install more outlets as well.

And more outlets means more lights downstairs. More lights in your basement means that it will look very bright and welcoming for your guests.

Lotz of Logic

When you utilize the basement to its capacity, you are creating a smart investment. With 800-1,000+ square footage of space in your basement, you can start using it for living, entertaining, or even office space. Before you do anything, start by figuring out what you want to use the basement for now. Then think about what you want to do with it ten years from now. By doing this, you can make some wise and perfect changes to fit your current and future needs for space. 

Don’t forget, if you need an estimate on finishing your basement, give me a call. My team and I have been serving Plainfield, Naperville, Lisle, Shorewood, Joliet, Oswego, Yorkville, and all of the Chicago area for 30+ years.

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