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Doctor’s offices get a large amount of wear and tear on a daily basis. Especially with a lot of people coming in and out of them. As a doctor, you want your patients to feel relaxed and happy inside your practice. So why not take a look at these doctor office renovation ideas.


Doctor Office Renovation Ideas

When it comes to remodeling a doctors office there are five major areas that you may perform to update your office. Updating it will definitely make it more comfortable for your patients. Especially with following these simple remodeling ideas.

  1. Evening Renovations
  2. Updating the Entranceway
  3. Remodeling the Waiting Room
  4. Updating the Bathrooms
  5. Remodeling the Patient Rooms

Evening Renovations and Updating the Entranceway

One of the best and easiest situations to any office renovation is to accomplish it at night when the office is closed. This is a great way to do it so that no one has to deal with the noise, dust, smells, and clutter while they are working. The patients and employees will be thanking you for that. Because painting can take time, especially if you are a small practice. Make sure that you find a painting company that will come at night. They are out there. So take your time looking them up and doing the research. And doing this is a great idea so that your patients and staff aren’t having to work around the painters or moving their appointment.

Like with a lot of things you want to make a great first impression. Because your entryway is the first thing that your patients see when they come inside. So don’t overlook how important it is to keep the doors and windows cleaned and the walls freshly painted. And because this area is a high traffic area it is important to keep up with any drywall repairs from UPS or FedEx delivering packages and accidentally bumping the walls. Since wallpaper is starting to come back into style. Placing a commercial grade vinyl wallpaper in this area works with the heavy traffic.

Remodeling the Waiting Room

Since people spend a lot of time in the waiting room it is important to freshen it up. Because after 20 to 30 minutes of being on their phones they will be looking around the room. So you want to make sure that the waiting room is bright, light, and fresh so that it is a pleasant area to wait. The hallways see a large amount of traffic as well. Make sure that you have them looking just and light and bright as the waiting area. Having plexiglass installed on the bottom half of the walls cuts down on the area getting banged up. This is a must-have if there are medical carts and wheelchairs in the office and going through the area.

This may seem silly. But before you begin painting the waiting room. Take a seat in one of the chairs, after everyone has gone for the day or before they arrive. And pretend that you are a patient. Take a look at the walls. Make sure that you notice if there is torn wallpaper on the walls or seams coming loose. Are there dirty or stained tiles on the ceiling. Does the baseboard appear banged up or dirty? Is the paint on the wall a current color that fits with today’s style?

Updating the Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an essential part of any home or office. Because no one likes walking into an old and dirty bathroom. Believe it or not, the bathroom is another area that leaves a first impression on people. This is because people like to walk into a bathroom that is tidy, fresh, and clean.  While the bathroom isn’t a major remodeling project, it can do with a few updates. An easy update that you can do in the bathroom is placing porcelain tile on the floor and then extending it partway up the walls. These type of tiles can take a beating and are easy to clean.

Remodeling the Patient Rooms

Just like with the waiting room your patients will be spending a large amount of time in the exam rooms. So you want to make it as pleasant as possible for them. And just like in the waiting room make sure you check for stained ceiling tiles. It is also important to check to see if the room is clean and orderly. Because if it isn’t clean and orderly than consider getting a new cabinet with more drawers and overhead storage. Make sure that the rooms are painted at least twice a year with colors that are the most up-to-date. Check the floor to see what state it is in. If the carpeting or porcelain tile needs to be updated then make sure that it is slip-resistant. So make sure that you select the right flooring that fits the type of patients that you will be seeing in the area.

Lotz of Logic

Whether it is before people arrive or after they leave. It is important to go through your office and look at it through the perspective of the customer. As you walk through to make sure that you keep these simple and easy doctor office renovation ideas in mind for the future. It is important to do this because the waiting and exam rooms are the two rooms where the patients will be doing a lot of waiting. So being able to recognize what needs to be done and updated around the office will make the space more comforting and welcoming.

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