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Who knew that the countertops in your kitchen could be so complex? Especially because it is an easy process now. You don’t want to get lazy and pick a standard edge profile. There are numerous countertop edge profiles to choose from. 


Countertop Edge Profiles

Because of how easy the process to replace countertops are. It is important to know what types of countertop edges there are. Especially since the countertop edge helps to define your kitchen as well as give everything a finishing touch. Since quartz is such a good product to use there are seven common countertop edge profiles that you can get it in.

  • Waterfall Edge
  • Marine Edge
  • Cascade Edge
  • Bryn Edge
  • Squared Edge
  • Summit Edge
  • Double-Eased Edge

Waterfall and Marine Edges

The waterfall edge is the most beautiful and popular style because it uses a standard square edge. While some companies have different names for this edge, the style stays the same. This edge has a flat surface for the top and the sides extend down all the way to the floor. Because of how popular this style is and how easy it is to install. It makes it a great choice for island countertops because of its minimal and sleek look. The waterfall edge is a great option that adds a simple, clean aesthetic to any home.

The marine edge is different from the waterfall edge. In the way that the edges look like they have been rolled up and down the side of the counter. Which is great in the event that you spill liquid on the top. Because the liquid will stay on top and won’t drip over the edge of the counter. So the marine edge works great for anyone with small children who often spill their cups on the counter. And it is a great and functional option for anyone who is looking for one. 

Cascade and Bryn Edges

Cascade edges are a stunning ornamental edge that can be rather pricey. But if you only put it on the island in your kitchen then it’s a great option to use. A typical countertop is about 3 centimeters thick. But a cascade edge takes several 2-centimeter pieces and places them together with a beautiful quartz edge around it. This edge provides a classy and unique look for any kitchen. 

Bryn edges is a great option that varies from the typical thickness of countertops. This edge is two or three pieces of 2-centimeter quartz sandwiched together, with a tool edge run across it. By using this edge it adds structure and definition to the kitchen as well as giving an elegant design.

Squared and Summit Edges

Squared edges are another unique option that also varies from your typical countertop thickness. All of the edges are mitered when using a square edge. This means that the edges use two slabs of material cut at a 45-degree angle. They are then arranged together to create a seamless look. The squared edge is often made to bring in more depth and solidity to the kitchen island. And this edge is often great for homes with farm-style designs, industrial looks, or modern American. It looks amazing and brings the kitchen together as a whole. 

Using a bullnose edge, the summit edge adds some softness to the corners of your kitchen island. A summit edge has a similar top and bottom radius, and it is very similar to a bullnose edge on stair treads. This countertop edge is another common and classic option that is the perfect way to remodel your kitchen island. 

Double-Eased Edge

This type of edge is a very popular and common style for kitchen islands. The Double-Eased edge is a very traditional style that is quite solid. It requires you to have a supportive island structure for the countertop. This countertop edge is easy to clean and timeless in many ways. And the double-eased edge is used in many homes across the country. It also looks great with end caps on your island as well.

Lotz of Logic

There are many great ways to remodel your kitchen. Because of how easy it is to replace your current countertop with a nice piece of quartz. So selecting the best countertop edge profile for your kitchen is the perfect way to go. Especially because of how many there are to choose from. And you want to make sure that the kitchen sink works well with the countertops. It is also important to keep these 9 ways to upgrade your kitchen in mind when you are getting started.

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