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Many times when you are remodeling your home, the bathroom is one of the first places to be done. During the bathroom remodeling stage, many amazing additions can be used to make the room feel relaxing and beautiful. During this stage of remodeling, the subject of ceramic vs porcelain tile is a discussion that is held as far as which type is better to use in the bathroom. The study is based on whether or not the tile will be more decorative or functional in terms of if it will be getting wet or not.


Understanding Porcelain Tile

Porcelain started out in Italy as a form of art, it has slowly become a part of everyday life in homes. With a classy and shiny look, porcelain tile also serves several functions, one of which is being very durable. Part of what makes porcelain so durable is how it was made using a mix of clay, feldspar, and quartz before being baked at a high temperature. When the remodeling is finished, the tile will add a nice touch to the room. Because it can withstand and not absorb water, porcelain is the perfect tile to use on the floor and walls of the shower. Porcelain can also be placed in other areas, outside of the shower. That may be affected by water.

The quality of porcelain tile is another great benefit because it is the same all the way through. If the tile becomes chipped, the color will still be the same as on top. Having the color go all the way through is a great benefit since it won’t stick out in the event that the tile becomes chipped. During any bathroom remodeling porcelain is an essential part of it. If you don’t use porcelain than there is a risk of having damaged tiles in the future. When picking out your tiles make sure that you find a design that you enjoy and reap the benefits of having a quality product in your home. Especially since porcelain tile looks great on your front porch.

Obstacles of Porcelain Tile

Porcelain can be an obstacle for the DIYer, whether it’s your first time or your one-hundredth time. Because it is a rather delicate tile, knowledge and care are required when handling porcelain. And it is often best to let a professional handle the work. If done on your own there is a higher risk of cracking or making costly mistakes when handling and laying the tile. Because it is 30-40% more costly than ceramic, it is better to be safe than sorry when using porcelain tiles.

Understanding Ceramic Tile

When remodeling your bathroom, ceramic tile is a great material to include in the design. There is a large amount of space to be creative when choosing the colors, textures, and designs of the tiles. Ceramic has endless possibilities and is great to work with when bringing your dream bathroom to reality. When used with water, ceramic tile can be more sensitive and absorbs the water over time. As the tiles absorb the water, they can crack and begin to rise. When placing the tiles, make sure that they are in areas that don’t receive direct water.

The bathroom walls and other areas outside of the shower are good places to put ceramic tile. Being easy to install by a DIYer is one of the great benefits of ceramic tile. Especially since it is effortless to cut and fit into any space, which makes it such an excellent option for any home project. It is also more affordable and cost-effective when compared to porcelain, which makes it great to use when on a budget.

Because it is such a beautiful material, ceramic tile works best if it is not touching water. It is easy to make the tile look great as you place it in your bathroom yourself or having it done by a professional. Ceramic tile is a lovely addition to any remodel. Many components come with remodeling your bathroom, with the most important being the tiles. Before you start, make sure that you have selected the right tile for the right job. Once the job is completed, you can enjoy the refreshing, new look that you gave your bathroom.

Ceramic vs Porcelain Tile | Lotz of Logic

Bathroom remodeling is an exciting time. But you definitely want to pick out the proper tile for your needs. While it’s not as comfortable as carpeting, most people make their choices based on durability and budget. It is also a great budget saver to use in a mudroom.

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