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The lighting in your kitchen is a bigger factor than many people know. Lights are such an important aspect to the final feel and look for the kitchen area. That is why today we are talking about the best kitchen lighting fixtures: under-cabinet, recessed, pendant.


Best Kitchen Lighting Fixtures: Under-Cabinet, Recessed, Pendant

If you don’t have the budget yet for a complete kitchen area remodel, then simply bringing your kitchen area lights up-to-date is a good option to do. Kitchen area lights come in different forms that make your kitchen really “shine” and create a wonderful impression for your guests. Three great light options to place in your kitchen are:

Under-Cabinet Lighting

People enjoy this type of lighting because of the ambient effect of turning off the rest of the lights in the kitchen at night and just leaving these lights on. It really makes the kitchen feel very warm and romantic. Under-cabinets are also ready for task lighting in the mornings. These lights give enough light to make that morning cup of coffee as well as making lunches for school or work.  When purchasing the lights talk with your local retailer about what the best type to get for your space. While under-cabinet lights are easy to install on your own it is still recommended to have a qualified electrician do it. These lights also have the least amount of dust involved with their installation.

Recessed Lighting

Often called can light, these lights are the same thing as recessed lights. This type of light comes in varying sizes for ambient or task lighting. Recessed lights are great for the kitchen because of their simple design and because they have a dimmer option that can change the mood. A good amount of lights to install is 6 to 10. While it is the best kind, these lights can be the most expensive type of lighting for your kitchen. The reason these lights are so expensive is because of the drywall installation, repair/mudding, and painting.

Pendant Lighting

This type of light looks great over your kitchen sink while doing dishes or over an island while preparing food for dinner. Because of the amazing styles pendant lights come in you can show off your kitchen decor and style flare with these lights. Pendant lights are also very easy to install and can be done in a short amount of time. When installing these lights all that you need to do is wire them straight to a junction box in your ceiling and you are good to go.

Lotz of Logic

While most homeowners want to invest in their kitchens for cabinets and countertops they often forget to budget for the lights. Especially since lighting is an important aspect of the final look and feel of the kitchen. No matter which style you choose, under-cabinet, recessed, pendant or all of the above, you will be greatly improving the look of your kitchen. Even if you don’t do a full kitchen remodel simply updating the light fixtures works well. If you are on a budget then go to a good light store and talk to one of the professionals there. They will help you with the right lighting design and lights to get for your budget. Just by installing new light fixtures you can create a good return on your investment later on down the road.

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