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Are you trying to find the best interior paints for your house? The kinds of paint you choose will impact your house now and in the future. Today we are talking about the best-kept secrets of professional interior painters to use in your home.


Best Kept Secrets of Professional Interior Painters

Picking the right color paint for your home is important. That is why today we are here to learn more about the finest products and brand names that are out there for us to use. As well as understand the best-kept secrets of professional interior painters. From Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams, there’s an entire set of choices to look at and select. We here to discuss which are the right ones for you. Let’s start by looking at several different paint options from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. And painting before moving in is a great cost-saving idea.

  • Zinsser Gardz Primer
  • Sherwin Williams Extreme Bonding Primer
  • Sherwin Williams CHB Flat Latex Paint
  • Benjamin Moore Regal Select Paint
  • Sherwin Williams Duration Home Paint
  • Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Paint
  • Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo Paint

Selecting The Best Primer

When it comes to picking out a good primer it is important to pick one that will cover grease stains and can be applied after removing any wallpaper or just over bare drywall. The two best primers to pick for this job are Zinsser Gardz Primer and Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer.

Zinsser Gardz Primer is a great primer to use over old grease stains as well as on bare drywall and after removing wallpaper. It is a necessity after taking down old wallpaper or a surface that has been damaged by wallpaper. Since the Zinsser Gardz Primer is a water-based surface sealer it works on old wallpaper paste it works well to keep the latex paint from reactivating the paste and soaking it up. And ruining your paint job. It stops the paint from touching the old wallpaper paste by creating an impenetrable barrier and binds well to the wall. This primer also works well on damaged wallboard or crumbling plaster walls. Because it encapsulates the damaged area(s) in a solid, plastic-like surface. And once it is dry it takes paint very well.

Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer is a more general primer. It is formulated for hard, less porous surfaces than plaster or wallpaper. This primer works well on glass block, tile, glass panels, and plastic. Like the name implies this primer bonds very well with minimal surface preparation. It goes on beautifully and you are able to get a good amount of coverage from a single can. Which is good news for the budget-conscious DIY-er because this primer is on the expensive side. While this primer can be overkill for walls and trim, it works well if you have old gloss paint and need the extra adhesion. When it is necessary this primer delivers well.

Choosing Ceiling

When it comes to painting the ceiling many people go for dull, flat and unobtrusive white paint on their ceiling. It also helps the paint color on your walls to pop. While there are many good ceiling paints out on the market, Sherwin Williams’ CHB Flat Latex Paint is a good paint to use. It works great for ceilings because, while it is billed as wall paint, it is very inexpensive and it has a flat presentation. Unless you painting over white two coats of paint will be needed. But because of how economical this paint is, even the most limited budget won’t mind.

While CHB Paint is sold as wall paint, it’s not very washable and has a chalky appearance to it when it is looked at closely. So it’s not often recommended for your walls unless you are going to sell your home and need a simple color on the wall. Especially if it is for a large bathroom.

Wall Paint

When it comes to painting your walls there are many different colors to pick from. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are the two best brands to get paint from. They both have a large selection of style options and a vast range of colors and quality to pick from.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select is available in eggshell, matte, gloss, and semi-gloss finishes. But the eggshell finish is often used in bathrooms, kitchens and other high traffic rooms in the home. If having a glossier paint in these places is your thing then go for it. And if it’s not then a semi-gloss works great as well. The eggshell is used the most because it offers great washability and coverage. Where a glossier finish doesn’t have that, though it is often expected with it. This paint doesn’t need a primer to go underneath it first and can be applied immediately. It also levels well and dries perfectly.

Sherwin Williams Duration Home paint is good for the rest of the home outside of kitchens and bathrooms because of its matte finish. Like with the Regal Select eggshell, the Duration Home matter has the look and performance of a glossier paint, just with a matte finish. This matte paint much more washable than the standard matte paint. The Duration Home has an interesting feature that isn’t seen in other paints. When looking at the paint straight on it is a flat matte. But when looked at from an angle it appears to have a sheen to it. This gives the room a subtle depth that you can’t get with other paints.

Trim Paints

When it comes to painting your trim Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams have good paints to use. Like with the wall paint they both have a good variety of paints to select for painting your trim. 

Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Satin Finish is a good paint to use for your trim because it doesn’t leave a glossy look behind. But you want to make sure that you don’t put it on too heavy when using this paint. Because it has a problem with running and dries quickly. So make sure that you apply it in an even pace. This paint also sands well when preparing it for a second coat. And it also gives good coverage and looks great when finished.

Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo is another excellent choice for paint. This is because it goes on well with a roller or brush. It looks impeccable and wears extremely well. If you are in a situation that warrants using a sprayer then the paint leaves beautiful results. And the finished look is very lovely. Painting the trim gives any room a professional look. But no matter which paints you pick to make sure that you are properly prepared.

Lotz of Logic

These are the best paints to use when it comes to the interior of your home. They have been used and recommended thousands of times. While some of the paints might cost a little extra, they have good quality and last a long time. And will give you a return on your investment. No matter what room you are painting or what color it always does two coats so that the paint underneath is properly covered and won’t show threw. It is best to do this with a roller instead of a brush. This is because a roller covers more small spots than a brush does. And you will be less likely to notice small spots in the future if you use a roller to apply both coats of paint. These are the best-kept secret of professional interior painters. Professional paint stores secrets | buying local are a great place to start when looking for paint and paint supplies.

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