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Are you looking to make small improvements around your house? But scared about the budget? Today we are going to talk about 6 home improvement projects for the best ROI.


6 Home Improvement Projects For The Best ROI

The top 6 projects to tackle for getting the best return on your investment are:

  1. Upgrading Your Front Door
  2. Upgrading Your Garage
  3. Updating The Kitchen
  4. Adding LED Lighting
  5. Adding A Bedroom In The Basement
  6. Improving The Backyard

Upgrading the Front and Garage Doors

First Impressions. When you invite guests over two of the things that they first see are the front door and the garage door. Because they aren’t expensive, front doors are an excellent improvement to add to your home. A new front door also adds to the overall curb appeal and has the ability to increase the perceived value of your home. Smart locks are a feature that can be added to front doors and often remove the need to search for your keys, by merely using a code to unlock the door.

Garages are one of the most accessible places to remodel. Like the front door, adding a new garage door adds to the curb appeal. Along with changing out the garage door, you have the opportunity to make other improvements in the garage like adding an epoxy floor coating for a nice finish. When updating your garage door, you can add a smart feature to it. Like a smart garage door opener, which allows you to open and close the garage door from your phone. By installing a new garage door, according to Remodeling’s 2018 Cost Vs. Value, you are able to get a better return on investment.

Upgrading The Kitchen and Adding LED Lighting

Often when people hear the words ‘remodeling your kitchen,’ they think of the “dream kitchen” that they saw on Pinterest. But that isn’t always the case. Especially since tastes and ideas for kitchens and homes change over time.  While you need to make sure that you don’t over improve, kitchens are on the list of return on investment friendly renovations since the kitchen is often the main gathering space for friends and family. It is a prominent place to spend money on improvements. By making your kitchen functional and updated you can make a difference between whether it stays on the market or sells quickly. Often a minor renovation works wonders in your kitchen. Just painting the walls, adding new appliances, refacing the cabinets, adding new countertops and fixtures will do the job. And give you the best return of investment.

LED lights are another cost-effective way to save money and show the value of your home. It is easy to use the lighting to add a creative and beautiful look to your home. Because of how easy it is to do, adding LED lighting to indoor and outdoor spaces can’t be skipped.

Adding a Bedroom in the Basement

Because everyone is always looking to add more room to their homes. Adding a bedroom is an excellent way to make more room and to add value to your home without increasing the size. Especially if your homes has three bedrooms or less. Having an extra bedroom appeals to large families looking for more bedroom space or smaller families looking to have a home office space. When looking to add a spare bedroom to your home be careful because adding that extra bedroom to a house that already has five or more bedrooms can decrease the value and desirability.

Creating Outdoor Living Spaces

Adding patios and decks are a significant trend because it adds great space to enjoy spending time outdoors while still having indoor conveniences. This can be seen in that people want large cooking areas instead of just a grill. Wet bars and TVs or entertainment spaces are also being added to decks and patios. By adding a deck or patio creates a great area to spend time outside as well as letting you recoup a large percentage of the cost.

Lotz of Answers

By using these 6 simple home improvement projects, you can get the best great return on investment.

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