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Are your doors looking old and tired? Are they filled with dents and scratches? If the answers are yes, then you have come to the right place. Here are 3 reasons to replace interior doors in your home.


3 Reasons to Replace Interior Doors in Your Home | Stuck in the 1980’s Doors

Are the interior doors of your home outdated? Or a dark stained oak commonly found in the 1980s? Then it is time to change them out for something that is more modern and stylish. And will give your home a clean, updated look. Aside from being from the 1980s and looking outdated, another reason why people look to replace interior doors is that there is a large amount of traffic in the home. And bedroom doors often get slammed shut after an argument or have blocks thrown at them by a toddler. Kicking and banging on locked doors adds to the wear and tear as well.

Hanging Handles and Hinges

A third reason why interior doors are replaced is that they are opened and closed multiple times in a day. Because of that, it can cause the door to start falling off its hinges, and the handles become loose. When replacing the hinges, it is a good idea to replace the jam door and casing instead of just the hinges. It is also a good idea to replace the door if the handles are loose and hanging off. That way you can have a new door and new hardware at the same time.

Lotz Logic

Wear and tear will always happen to your doors and carpeting, no matter how careful you are. By changing out old doors for new ones, it will give your home a new, refreshing look. And will add a considerable return on investment later on down the road. When going to update your interior doors, it is suggested that you purchase all of the new doors at once. But take your time and don’t feel like you need to do it all at once. Instead, take a weekend to replace 1-4 old doors with new ones. And before long all of the doors will be replaced.

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