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Wood Replacement

Repair Woodpecker Damage | Holes in Cedar Wood Siding

Your home needs regular maintenance, but a real paint can be repair woodpecker damage due to holes in cedar wood siding caused by that beautiful winged creature.

Repair Woodpecker Damage and Holes

It’s amazing how much damage birds and insects can cause to a home’s cedar siding.  But if not attended to, it can become a much bigger issue.  So what do you do if you have woodpeckers causing holes in your cedar siding?  It’s not really that big of a deal.  Just fill the hole with a colored caulk (to match your siding color) or a clear caulk. If you don’t do this, other birds will biggy-back on that hole or carpenter bees, and make a bigger issue.  So get those holes caulked.

Replacing Woodpecker Damaged Siding

When do you need to take it to the next step?  When you have many cedar wood siding boards that have caulked holes, then you need to have a contractor come out and replace the boards altogether.  I’d suggest getting this done when you are doing your regular 5-7 year staining of your home.  That way, those boards you replaced don’t stick out like a sore thumb.  They would stand out because they are recently stained, and the rest of the home isn’t.

Give me a call at 815-260-6773.  I’d love to come out and look at your damaged wood siding and help you out. My team and I have been doing siding replacement for 30+ years in the Elmhurst, Plainfield, Lisle, Naperville, Burr Ridge, Downers Grove and all of Chicago area.

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Wood Siding Replacement Chicago Area

wood siding replacement chicago

Wood siding replacement Chicago – Rotten wood siding needs to be replaced to maintain your home’s appearance.

Photo shows new cedar siding boards being installed after taking down numerous rotten cedar siding boards.  We also prime the back of the siding prior to installing for more longevity!

We are the only painting company around that does staining & rotten board replacement at the same time.

Call our support team at 815-260-6773 and we can discuss your project today.

Rotting Siding Wheaton IL – Home Siding Contractors

Rotting siding Wheaton IL –  Wheaton has beautiful homes on lots with many trees.  Trees can promote siding to rot due to extra moisture due to shade, mold and sap.

Maintain your home’s siding by having it regularly power washed and stained every few years to prevent further siding rotting.  You can also start to notice some of your siding boards start to rot or dry out and crack.

But why is this happening?

Mark explains in the video.