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Remodeling Basement Bedroom

One of the most cost effective ways to get more living space in your home is remodeling basement bedroom.  Watch the video below:

Remodeling Basement Bedroom

A great way to expand your space is by creating a bedroom for your teenager or college student that wants to needs more privacy.  Most college students are living at home longer after graduating, so they are wanting more privacy that basement bedroom can provide.

Even when the children eventually move out, that basement bedroom won’t be wasted.  You can turn it into a sewing room, TV room, exercise space, or home office.  It is a nice addition to have this extra space when the time is needed down the road.

Give me a call if you want an estimate for remodeling basement bedroom.  My team and I have been remodeling and painting the Naperville, Elmhurst, Burr Ridge, Downers Grove, Lisle, Plainfield and all Chicago for over 30+ years.

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Recessed Lighting Fixtures

If you want to install recessed lighting fixtures, do you know if you have enough room?

Recessed Lighting Fixtures

You really can have as small as a 5-inch clearance to install recessed lighting fixtures.  LED lighting options have given great options too with recessed lights.  My favorite product to use is a Juno recessed light.

I like this product because of the flexible installation that this company has made.

Lighting can be a fun and effective way to update any room.  Especially when adding in can lights with dimmer switches.

Give me a call if you’d like an estimate for having your basement, family room, or kitchen has installed some electrical fixtures installed.

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Laundry Room Design Ideas

Laundry room design ideas don’t have to be too complicated or expensive.  Let’s take a look:

Here are three laundry room design ideas that don’t have to break the bank.

Laundry Room Lighting

Typically, most laundry rooms have 2×4 foot fluorescent light boxes.  Switch these out for smaller, recessed lights with a dimmer switch.

Upgrade Laundry Room Flooring

The cheapest flooring most builders put in laundry rooms is vinyl flooring.  If you want to upgrade, install a laminate or porcelain tile.  The room will feel more sophisticated and have a more solid feel when walking or standing in there.

Laundry Room Design Ideas #3

The final laundry room design ideas are putting in upper cabinets.  This adds to your overall storage and keeping things organized in this traditionally messy room.

Give me a call at 815-260-6773 if you’d like to get an estimate to upgrade your laundry room.  My team and I have been serving the Elmhurst, Lisle, Naperville, Downers Grove, Burr Ridge, and all Chicago suburbs for 30+ years.

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Best Practices Controlling Remodeling Dust


How to Control Dust

Make sure you don’t forget any one of these steps if you want to keep dust to a minimum and apply the best practices controlling remodeling dust.

  • Covering hardwood floors with a type of compression board (many to choose from);
  • Cover carpeting with a plastic that has a mastic;
  • Cover everything in a lightweight plastic;
  • Remove any small items that you don’t want to dust afterward

Best Practices Controlling Remodeling Dust

By far, the best practices controlling remodeling dust includes two other methods:

  1. Installing a zip-wall system;
  2. Covering air vents;
  3. Use a Build Clean Air Scrubber system which captures 90% of airborne dust.


Call our support team at 815-260-6773 and we can discuss your project today.  Our team with Mark have been servicing the Burr Ridge, Evanston, Lisle, Naperville, Warrenville, St. Charles and all Chicago for 30+ years.  We’d love to help you out with your bathroom remodeling needs.

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Repairing Ceiling Drywall Due to Water Damage

How a Pencil is Your Best Friend with Ceiling Water Issues

You have noticed a brown water stain in your ceiling.  Let’s see how to determine if it was a temporary situation or if there is a bigger problem for repairing ceiling drywall:

  • Temporary Situation:  Caused by children getting too much water overflowing from the bathtub or possibly a driving rain one night.
    • draw a pencil around the outer edge of the stain.  If it doesn’t grow any larger in the next 7-10 days, you have just a temporary situation.
  • Water Leakage:  Caused by leaking plumbing maybe from a toilet where quite a bit of water overflowed and got the ceiling below the toilet or shower area soaked in rain.  This too is a one-time situation.
    • If when you drew the pencil (see above) around the edge, and it grew, then you need to repair the drywall before it molds up
  • Major Water Leakage:  Caused by consistent leaking in your plumbing from toilet or shower or sink areas.  Sometimes you know about it, but just don’t have the time.  Or there are hidden plumbing issues down below the floor boards/tile or inside your walls.
    • If when you drew the pencil (see above) around the edge, it grew, but you also saw black stains, you have mold issues that need to be addressed right away

Repairing Ceiling Drywall Due to Water Damage

Let’s repair the ceiling for each of the three situations:

  • Temporary Situation Drywall Repair:  Just use a primer over the stain and touch-up with paint
  • Water Leakage Drywall Repair:  Cut out the drywall area;  tape, mud, and sand.  Prime and paint
  • Major Water Leakage with Mold Drywall Repair:  Get a plumber in to determine water issue is the first step.  Don’t move forward until this is handled.  Cut out bad drywall and moldy insulation.  If there is any mold in the area, treat wit a mold-cleaning agent that you can buy at your local hardware store.  Replace in new insulation.  Replace with new drywall.  Tape, mud & sand.  Prime and paint.

repairing ceiling drywall

Call our support team at 815-260-6773 and we can discuss your project today.  Our team with Mark have been servicing the Burr Ridge, Evanston, Lisle, Naperville, Warrenville, St. Charles and all Chicago for 30+ years.  We’d love to help you out with repairing ceiling drywall issues due to water damage.

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