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Which Paint Brush Should You Use?

Choosing the right paint brush can seem impossible.  But this video should help you quite a bit.

Choosing the Right Paint Brush

Learn the secrets of the professional painter, when in this video Mark gives you his go-to brushes that he likes to use for interior painting.  Choosing the right paint brush can be confusing when going into the local big box store or the paint store and you see row after row of brushes.  Learn the ones you should invest in, to make your interior painting project look amazing.

choosing the right paint brush

Product Recommendation and Paint Brush Size

When choosing the right paint brush, my two favorite brands, in no specific order are Purdy or Wooster.  My favorite go-to brush is the 2 1/2 inch angle sash China bristle brush.  It is

  • good handle
  • firm bristles
  • applies paint evenly
  • can use this paint size (2 1/2″) for most applications

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